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Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore, MD Metro Area

Before opening Wenkat Design and Construction, we knew that we wanted our business to be built around trust. Since 1997, Wenkat Design and Construction has been providing Baltimore, MD with the most trusted construction and remodeling services.

Today, we are known as a trustworthy and reliable company, which has allowed us to build many strong, long-term relationships with customers. Our staff of expert craftsmen have over 20 years of experience. We work directly with our clients to help transform the idea in their head into a reality. We stay up to date on the latest trends and upscale designs to give your home the remodel it deserves. 

Home Improvement

Our goal is to help customers improve their homes by accommodating their needs while increasing property value. We strive to optimize the functionality of existing living conditions to satisfy desires of our clients.

We implement innovative new products and design techniques to provide modernized conveniences to the interior or exterior of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, decks, patios, hardscapes and accessibility issues for physically challenged clients.

Visual interest can be added to the interior of any home with a custom built wall unit which will create a focal point and provide additional storage. All home improvement projects consider the needs and ideas of the client.  


We offer services at every stage of the design process from conceptual plans through detailed drawings. Long-term planning can be helpful to implement a design in stages based on your timeline or budget.

Planning is the first step to a successful project. We approach each project with a range of design and construction refinements to create a living space or environment that fits the needs, lifestyle and dreams of our clients. 

Whether it is a design for land development, a custom home, or a handicap accessibility issue, we will provide a solution to your complete satisfaction. Let us design a plan that will improve the way you live.

Construction Management

Wenkat Design can manage the overall process of purchasing a small or large property from the tedious local government approval process to acquiring and managing site-specific contractors.

Wenkat Design will solicit, qualify, negotiate and provide on-site supervision of engineering consultants and general contractors in order to minimize cost over-runs and increase productivity.

We work closely with land developers and homebuilders to implement the required materials, labor, and equipment to develop property for residential or commercial use.

Custom Homes

We design and build custom homes with elegant style and meticulous craftsmanship. Our homes are the result of many years of experience in the design and construction industry.

We work with our customers to find a build-able lot and include them in the design process. Our practical and modern approach to home design brings together the best construction techniques while also considering budget constraints. The clients' needs are always at the heart of the end project.

Our universal housing design is a sensible way to craft a product that is appealing to people with diverse abilities and disabilities, with wide range of benefits to people of all ages. We provide innovative ways to incorporate accessibility issues with today's modern conveniences.


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Shower glass and bath remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction
New bathroom tile and mirror installed by Menkat Design and Construction
New bathroom vanity remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction
New toilet and bathtub installed by Wenkat Design and Construction
Wenkat Design and Construction Bathroom Countertop
Wenkat Design and Construction tile shower with glass door
Wenkat Design and Construction Bathroom Vanity
Wenkat Design and Construction Marble Bathroom
Wenkat Design and Construction Wood Cabinets


Wenkat Design and Construction Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Wenkat Design and Construction before after kitchen

Special Projects

New living room remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction New living room remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction
Home remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction Home remodeled by Wenkat Design and Construction
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